💡 Back End

  • Rust

    Here are some code snippets taken from the Rust docs!

  • Docker for Beginners

    A very high level overview of docker.

  • Sudoku in CLI

    Here I explain how to build a sudoku app with go-lang.

  • Shell Scripts

    Setting up a shell script and basic commands.

  • How To Build Your Own VPN

    Short guide on how to set up a VPN with AWS.

  • Building Your Own Server With AWS

    A very high level overview to setting up a server in AWS.

  • SQL

    Short guide to what SQL is and how to use it.

  • Python Notes

    Code snippets in Python.

  • Learning Java: Part Four

    In the last part of this series, I explore Java's built-in data structures.

  • Learning Java: Part Three

    In this part I look at Object Oriented Programming; a way of structing code in Java applications.

  • Learning Java: Part Two

    Looking at variable types and different data types in Java.

  • Learning Java: Part One

    Java is known as a strongly typed programming language. In this post I go through the basics of setting up your machine to read, write and run Java programs.

  • Charm CLI

    Here I give a brief overview of what Charm CLI is and how to get started with the basics.

  • Learning Go

    Go code snippets from a past course.

  • Setting Up a NodeJS Proxy

    A proxy can has a number of different use cases. Here I discuss how to set up a NodeJS proxy.

  • Cookies in JavaScript Applications

    Here I give a brief overview of cookies. Discussing what the difference is between sessions, cookies and local storage.

  • Playwright

    Playwright Test enables you to take out end-to-end testing on applications written in Node.js, Python, Java and .Net. It supports Chromium, WebKit and Firefox.

  • GraphQL

    GraphQL is a fast and efficient query language for APIs. When compared to REST, it is known for it's performance when retrieving data and easiness for implementation. It can be incorporated into many tech stacks.

  • Prisma

    Here I dive in Prisma. Discussing the basics of what Prisma is, the functionality and how it could be intergrated into a node.js application.

  • Spring Boot with Java

    Spring Boot is a framework which enables users to build applications with languages such as Java and Kotlin. This post is an introduction to Spring Boot and how to set up, and run a Spring Boot application.

  • JWT Tokens in Node.js APIs

    This post is about adding authentication via Json Web Tokens (JWT) with Node.js. On the front-end you can pass the JWT token and ensure that data stays safe, such as passwords and log in credentials.

  • ES6 Syntax and More

    ES2019 is the latest version of Javascript. ES6 is commonly used amongst developers and also gets called JavaScript 6... sometimes.

  • Setting Up a Node.js API

    Node.js enables you to program APIs using JavaScript. Below I have outlined the basics of getting started with Node.js to set up an API with various end points.

  • Unix Basics

    Unix is an operating system, which comes in different varieties such as MacOS X and Fedora Linux to name a couple.

  • Configuring Oracle Instant Client

    Setting up Oracle Instant Client on a Mac can sometimes be a bit fiddly. Below are steps to install the client on a mac.

  • Node.js with AWS

    Steps for working with Claudia, Node.js and AWS