• React Complier

    A working document of React Complier.

  • React 19

    A working documents to keep track of everything coming in React 19.

  • Million Lint

    The focus is on improving the performance of React applications.

  • Using Signals in React Apps

    Why it might be time to let go of useEffect and start looking into Signals instead.

  • Auth with Next.js and Supabase

    Getting started with setting up sign up and log in/log out.

  • Bun

    Short guide to Bun.

  • Random Useful TypeScript Bits

    Snippets of combining types, utility types and advanced types.

  • VS Code Shortcuts

    All default shortcuts for MacOS and Windows.

  • NextJS Server Actions

    A short introduction to how to use NextJS Server Actions.

  • Zod

    A few examples of use cases for validation using Zod.