Building a Chromium Based Web Browser

Steps to take if you want to build your own Chromium browser on macOS.

Note: You will need a fast stable connection as downloading source code takes a long time.

You will need:

  • At least 100 GB of disk space on a drive formatted with a filysystem capable of handling files greated than 4 GB
  • For macOS:
    • A 64-bit Mac running 10.12+
    • Xcode 8+
    • The OS X 10.12 SDK

Source Code

Clone the depot_tools repo: git clone

Add depot_tools to the start of your PATH via ~/.bashrc.

export PATH=/path/to/depot_tools:$PATH

Download Source Code

mkdir Chrome
cd Chrome
# start download
fetch chromium
cd src

Set Up

gn gen out/Default --ide-xcode
open out/Default/ninja/all.xcworkspace

Run the Chronmium-specific hooks.

gclinet runhooks

Build the source code (where out/Default is the value you provided above).

autoninja -C out/Default chrome

Run the source code (change out/Default accordingly).


Update the source code.

git pull

Sync dependencies to the appropriate versions and re-run hooks

gclinet sync

Create a Release build.

is_debug = false