TC39 Proposals Notes Tracker

Yet again another series, where I keep track of the TC39 proposals I’m curious about! I also explain what TC39 is.

What is TC39?

TC39 is a commitee of various different people who set the specification for JavaScript. From setting the the definition of the language to new features, it’s here where you can find the latest on the JavaScript.

There is also a CSS Working Group whoms function is similar to TC39 in terms of purpose. Check out more about the CSS Working Group here.

Hashbang Grammar

Last updated: July 2022

Proposal stage: Stage 4

Date of notes: 15th October 2022

Hash is commonly associated with modern terms involving # such as hashtag. In addition for discoverability, the term “hash sign” is used for # but “she sign” is not.

Example Usage

#!/usr/bin/env node
// in the Script Goal
'use strict';