Terminal Extras

A few steps on how to customise your terminal with fig.

Install Fig

Fig can be installed in two different ways, through brew or manual download. Please bare in mind these instructions are for a Mac.

Brew Install

brew install fig

fig login

insert email address

insert the code you get sent via email

fig will open up a control panel where you can add aliases and download plugins

fig doctor to fix any problems

Manual Install

Head over to Fig and click the download button

You will be then taken through the installation set up


The plugin and aliases set up is really easy too with Fig!

Head over to the Fig app and download the plugin you want, run fig source and you’re good to go

Current Plugins I Use

  • zsh-autosuggestions
  • git-open
  • ohmyzsh
  • zsh-syntax-highlighting
  • spaceship-prompt

Misc points

Having tried other terminals like Hype, I tend to stick to standard terminal; it’s a lot faster and easier to deal with, so it’s nice to finally come across something like Fig that works out the box very easily

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