👾 Misc.

  • VS Code Shortcuts

    All default shortcuts for MacOS and Windows.

  • Building a Chromium Based Web Browser

    Steps to take if you want to build your own Chromium browser on macOS.

  • Github Actions

    Looking at getting started with GitHub Actions.

  • Markdown Syntax

    Notes on markdown syntax.

  • Shell Scripts

    Setting up a shell script and basic commands.

  • PyTorch

    Small introduction to PyTorch.

  • Machine Learning with Tensorflow

    The basics of setting up Tensorflow, and an overview of a few machine learning problems and regression.

  • Learning With Kaggle

    A high level overview of what Kaggle is and beginner data science topics.

  • Web1, Web2 or Web3?

    Notes on how the Internet is evolving...

  • What's WebKit?

    The web browser engine used by Safari, Mail, App Store and many other apps on macOS/iOS/Linux.

  • Debugger in VS Code

    VS Code comes with an in-built debugger. Here I discuss how you can get it up and running.

  • TC39 Proposals Notes Tracker

    Yet again another series, where I keep track of the TC39 proposals I'm curious about! I also explain what TC39 is.

  • Terminal Extras

    A few steps on how to customise your terminal with fig.

  • Setting Up Git/Github Credentials

    A few steps to set up git/github on Mac machine

  • Macbook Control via the Terminal

    Note to self: macbook doesn't need to be restarted to get the audio or touch bar working again.

  • Random Git Bits

    Git commands I keep forgetting. A work in progress post, nothing exciting to see here.

  • JavaScript with Emojis

    Using Emojis with JavaScript

  • How to Build a VS Code Theme

    Here I explain how to build a VS Code theme and publish it to the market place. Relatively straightforward and fun - customise your VS code theme to suit your taste.